Sanispaces. Our mission is to help healthcare institutions, care homes and workspaces become safer environments by offering simple and affordable space sanitation solutions

Our simple solutions help you make your indoor environment safer by cleaning it from pollution and eliminate viruses, germs, bacteria, mould, fungi and bad odours

Why we do what we do

We believe simple, affordable low tech solutions, based on what nature already does well, is the right way to make our society safer for everybody

  • Our solutions are based on in a naturalwhat happens in nature, where UV-C light and Ozone eliminates viruses, bacteria and some fungi.
  • We re-create the same natural concept by using simple but optimized and fine-tuned processes
  • We believe that by giving you maintenance-free and easy to use solutions, you will be more likely to use these products and benefit from them
What we do

We help health care institutions, schools, shops and companies create healthier and safer work environments by delivering affordable, easy to use, maintenance-free room sanitation solutions

  • Our products are developed and refined in Denmark
  • We strive to have the best products on the market at the most affordable price
  • We help you create a healthier working and living environment for the benefit of you, your employees and your patients
How we do it

By working with well-established companies, we source and deliver what we think are the best air and workspace air cleaning solutions

  • By using many industry-standard components, and by choosing reliable, well- tested solutions, enable us to keep our development and research costs as low as possible. We strive to make our products affordable for as many people as possible
  • Sanispaces operates globally. Our headquarter is located in Copenhagen, Denmark
Who we are
Peter Harwith Founding partner, International sales director
Henrik Hilker Design, Marketing & Communication, Partner
We would love to hear from you
We are always happy to help and guide you to the best posible solution for your health centre, work space or home. Please call us on +45 40 44 88 73 or send us an e-mail using the form below

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