The Sanispaces air sanitation solutions are environmentally friendly, chemical and maintenance free
Our patented technology uses simple, yet fine-tuned, science and proprietary components to match the breakdown of vira, bacteria and germs, as in nature
25 years of research and innovation

The UV-C and Ozone technology used in the Sanispases products has been developed in Denmark, tested and documented by international laboratories in Germany, Denmark, Israel and Singapore.

  • The technology has a 25 year long, well documented, track record in eliminating and stopping the spread of Corona viruses like MERS and SARS-CoV-2.
  • The finely calibrated amount of safe Ozone created by our specially designed and controlled UV-C light source, that destructs the structure of and kills viruses bacteria, fungi and mould.
Disinfecting with UV-C light​

Disinfection properties of UV-C light are well documented

For a long time, we have been aware that the sun may prevent the possibility of the spreading of bacteria. In 1877, the two English researchers Downes and Blount (Downes, A., Blount T.P.: Researchers on the effect of sunlight upon bacteria and other organisms, London: Proc. Royal Society, 1877) discovered that the breeding of micro-organisms stopped when exposed to the sunlight. At the time, it was not yet possible to explain the process involved.​

Later research has shown that the effect comes from the invisible light of the radiation of the sun that is below 320 Nm. With this new knowledge, researchers understood that it would be possible to create the same type of bacteria destroying radiation artificially.
Research in the behaviour of micro-organisms exposed to this specific radiation has led to the development of new and more effective disinfection methods – in the air and on the surface of materials.

This kind of disinfection, without the use of chemicals or use of high temperatures, has revolutionised the effectiveness of cleaning in areas previously not accessible or difficult to get to.

Today, disinfection with UV-C light is not only very valuable but also a necessity as a supplement to other disinfection methods

Sanispaces in hospitals

Ultraviolet radiation and its effects​

Ultraviolet radiation (short waved UV) is one of many radiation forms all belonging to the same category within electromagnetic radiation: X-ray, light, radio and television, A.C. power. The Sanispaces’ UV-C and Ozone solutions is based on tested and proven Danish technology.

The difference between the radiation types is decided by the wavelength.
The shortest wavelengths are found in cosmic radiation and X-rays. Only a small area accounts for the optical radiation including ultraviolet radiation, visible light and infrared radiation.​

The UV spectrum is divided into three areas:​
UV-A, long wave, 315-400 nm
UV-B, medium wave, 280-315 nm
UV-C, short wave, 100-280 nm

The radiation from the UV-A, UV-B & UV-C "groups"

The radiation from the UV-A “group” is also a part of the natural sunshine on the surface of the earth. This UV-A radiation causes different photochemical processes. It has a perceptible pigmenting – but in praxis no erythematic influence.


The radiations from the UV-B “group” shows both pigmenting and erythematic influence. They also form pre-vitamin D. This kind of radiation is mainly used in therapy.


Short waved UV-C “radiation​” has a strong germ fatal effect and also causes erythema and conjunctivitis. This kind of radiation can be made artificial when a mercury low-pressure in UV-C lamps is discharged. Radiation with wavelengths below 200 nm form ozone.

Ozone production​​

Ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths 100-200 nm forms ozone (O3) from the air. Ozon is a powerful bactericidal agent  and a strong scent. In particular concentrations, it is hazardous for the human organism and hence as all hazardous gases subdued to a threshold value of 0.1 ppm – corresponding to 0,22 mg O3/m3 air.

Sanispaces product line makes your work environment safer, healthier, free from viruses, bacteria, germs and odours
The Sanispace 60H, 125 and 250 are highly efficient, small and portable, yet very powerful maintenance and chemical free, sanitation devices, that helps eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs in the air and on all surfaces, using UV-C light and Ozone.
For larger spaces like; conference venues, theatres, cinemas, cruise ships, airplanes and airports we recommend our larger sanitation solutions. Please contact us on +45 40 44 88 73 to learn more about these.
Sanispace 60H(Human) For rooms up to 60m3
with occupants
Sanispace 125, Sanispace 125T (timer) For un-occupied rooms up to 125m3
Sanispace 250 For rooms up to 250m3 without occupants
Tests, certificates and documentation
For your safety and well-being, we have tested and certified all our products and processes to make sure they, not only, are of the highest standard but also meet international standards.
Tests, certificates and documentation
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